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Plans In CNC Lathe Controller For 2012

With ac servo motor, you are taken advantage of flexibility and versatility whenever you want. This device is proven to be one of the more powerful and versatile control systems available in the market, these days.

One of best reasons for utilizing this kit for one’s own benefit is the fact no CNC experience is required. The kit is quite user-friendly and provided with a full range of canned cycles. You would be on top of the world to know how the CNC servo kit is user-friendly. Is facts about the operating methods.

This operating mode enables you to start with the operation right away with no prior training required. The only thing you require to do this is to present 1 hour and you can learn enough to instruct the machine to create specific and angular moves and to run production parts. You should utilize the serve pendant and move each axis for the position you need. This will teach the 2-axis CNC controller strategies to cut the very first part. So you require pressing the SET key so that you can store each move and feed the speed. Thereafter press the play key and then the RUN key. This will run this system again. Here, you do not need to use the PC-driven control. As soon as you create pendant program library, it will save you them inside the main computer memory from the system.

This mode tends to provide the easiest method to develop CNC parts with 2 to 4 axis. The dynamic graphic capabilities and canned cycles on this mode facilitate one to enjoy all of the navigation tools you want to navigate through programming operations which are difficult and unknown for your needs. While using the CNC servo kit the only thing you require to accomplish is usually to follow the instructed messages while filling all the blanks to find out about the part. This is simply not all. You might also be benefited from online help screens for elaborative explanation for any function. The assistance screens are context sensitive.

This can be a programming approach to choice. It facilitates making various complicated shapes as well as helps creating sculptured surfaces. The only thing you require is a few familiarity with G and M codes. The mode continues to be specifically made to manage all of the CNC servo kit movements to be able to facilitate these features:

2-axis circular interpolation for example XY, XZ and YZ.

Cutter diameter compensation

4-axis continuous linear interpolation.

Canned cycles

Minor image

Scaling rotation

And even more.

The mode also allows you fast use of a person-friendly tool table. This table easily allows you to enter analyze or edit tool information. Additionally set tool length offsets semi-automatically. The 60devcpky also let you enjoy full CAD/CAM compatibility with many of the packages available commercially including servo sown Quick ‘n’ in easy CAM. System.

Operating CNC lathe controller is just not too hard. You could practice it instantly without requiring any knowledge on CNC or its functions.

The History Of Rice Farming

What is the life of the farmer? Think You’re Cut Out For Doing Farm?

The farmer’s life revolves around land preparation, planting season, growing season and harvesting season.

It’s land preparation season for this small time farmer. The farmer prepares its land by spreading the rice straw throughout the rice paddy. Plowing the field either by machine or by a cow. Then they irrigate and flattens the rice paddy. They put fertilizer, carbonized rice hulls and vermicast. This would take a month more or less to fully prepare the land.

Then they prepare their seedling bed. You form a seed bed just enough for 10 kg of rice seed for 2 to 3 hectares. For some, they practice 15 days to transplant. Others use 20 to 25 days. Then a farmer contacts people to transplant for them. It’s a heavy job for just one person. It’s the second busy season for the farmer.

Then a farmer would tend the rice paddy. The farmer put water on the rice paddy by: irrigation or rainfall. So that the grass will not grow and compete with the minerals intended for the rice. Not too much water or else you will drown them. They watch out for the golden snail, they will eat your rice. As a control for the golden snail, the farmer releases a flock of ducks so that they will eat the pest. Then with the Stem borer, the farmer uses Trichogramma Japonicum. Some farmer uses concoction: Natural Fermented Technology System. Like fermented plant juice, fermented fruit juice, fish amino acid, and others. Spraying every 7 to 10 days at dusk or dawn.

It’s the season to harvest. Many rice paddies are being harvested. It’s a competition of finding human labor to harvest your rice. But it’s the busiest time of the farmer’s life. They harvest the rice using sickle or by machine. Other people will glean in the field. To sell or for personal consumption. Then they pile it into a big mound. For the thresher people to separate the rice from the rice straw. Then other people are hired to carry sacks of rice toward the drier. They can also do it mechanically. Then it goes to the milling station to be milled. And there you have the rice ready to cook.