Geniux is a brand new recently launched nootropic supplement that promises to be “the ultimate smart pill.” That appears to be a phrase we’ve seen plenty of and the majority of nootropics claim to provide you with the same benefits as Geniux.

Since Geniux is rather new, we do not know much regarding this new nootropic supplement. Is Geniux as great as it says and it is it even worth trying?

The very first warning sign we saw with geniux brain pill was which they do not list their ingredients anywhere on their site. They claim with an “advanced cognitive blend” and “proven ingredients”, but unfortunately we were struggling to discover them anywhere.

This is needless to say a huge red flag plus it casts a shroud of doubt over whether Geniux is even worth buying to begin with. Any supplement manufacturer that refuses to at the very least list their ingredients is sketchy in our opinion.

Geniux makes several claims regarding their product, but does little to backup these claims. In fact, we haven’t found any evidence to assist any one of the claims. Nonetheless, listed below are the advantages Geniux claims about their product:

– Improved Focus

– Better Mood

– Better Mental Clarity

– Improved Short/Long term Memory

– Improved Critical Thinking

– Enhanced Overall Cognitive Function

They also claim that their supplement is “fast acting” along with the best overall nootropic supplement. They compare their product for some other popular nootropics like Neuroflexyn and EVO, nonetheless they do not back up their claims.

Unfortunately, since we do not know the components in Geniux, we really cannot inform you whether or not there are adverse reactions in Geniux. This is certainly one other issue we have with Geniux and we would much rather should they would disclose their ingredients, simply so we could better understand whether Geniux is legit or perhaps not.

We certainly have found several Geniux testimonials that appear to be legit and so they have not complained about unwanted effects. However, these are only a few testimonials so that we cannot fully know regardless of whether there might be some side effects.

Should you plan to game and geniuxf42 up buying Geniux, then there are several different packages it is possible to choose depending on how much Geniux you desire.

Just in case you haven’t already figured out our opinions on Geniux, we seriously recommend you avoid Geniux and check into better nootropics.

Geniux fails to disclose their ingredients and makes several bold claims without giving us an ounce of evidence to assist their claims. These are too red flags that happen to be simply too big to obtain over.